Tuesday, February 5, 2008


2008 February 2, Saturday 7a.m.
Location: Classified

While I suddently woke up, I found that my throat are filled with some acid substances. Think that it attacked my throat and makes my throat block the airway. I quickly turn over and try to breath. I try to swallow my saliva to try to loosen up my throat, but I have minimal saliva that time since I am kinda dehydrated. In the process it felt like suffocating, which is a sensation no one would want to feel it.

After some effort, my throat seems to loosen up and I could resume my breathing smoothly, but my throat was still had some acid sensation on it, and the feeling of acid burnt is still there.

After all this, I assume that my body may have "burped" in the middle of the sleep for some reason and the gastric juice hay had followed the "air" and ended up on my throat.

Suffocation is the worst thing which makes this the nearest thing I got to death.

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