Friday, February 22, 2008

Taylors S4(partly) gathering!

Today I had a gathering with my SAM friends!
Some of them purposely traveled from Sarawak to here!!
We met at Sunway Pyramid! Though some of them could not make it due to some reason.

Before we met, I think that I arrived at Sunway Pyramid half an hour early. Thinking that I might just have to walk around for half an hour, I spotted the video shop and decided to spend some time there.

Unexpectedly while I walked in, I spotted Shao D*ng, Tai J*a and Chr*s! But it seems that they haven't noticed at my arrival. I decided to purposely "accidentally" bump into Shao D*ng and apologised, LoL. It talk him a moment to realise that it was me, LoL!~

Then we spend some time talking and more "gatherers" start arriving, at first we have 6 people, we decided to go to Esquire Kitchen to book a place for lunch, and to wait for other 4 to arrive. Although we order 1st, after all the people arrived, it still take them a hell long of time to bring out all the food, though it grant us some time to chat. Even after we finished, we asked for the bill, and it took them more than 10 minutes to prepare the bill... Nice service, Esquire Kitchen Sunway Pyramid...

We then proceed to the archery range, and some of them play. Most of them sucked, but Tai Ji*, Chr*s and Bean kinda rule a little.. just a little only though, LoL. There is once "Hydrogen" Fon
shoot an arrow and it went to the ceiling.. Like an exponential graph, if you know what i mean, LoL~

Then we walked around for some time until we decided to go watch a movie known as "Jumper". While waiting for the show to start, we randomly walked into shops, but not quite browsing their items, but chatting away, ignoring the shop keeper, LoL~

My journey ends after the movie, since I had to have dinner at home, so I left them here.

Its a nice day though, meeting friends back from Australia.

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