Friday, February 15, 2008

I am with the dark emotion, always.. everytime...

Humans are very complicated beings, where they would do a lot of things, either good or bad, with consideration or without it. there are times where people felt so enraged or annoyed to the extent where they would do things rashly without consideration, which may hurt and disappoint others.

Often things that had been done rashly under the control of rage would hurt others more than you think, and would affect the way things others would see and think for a period of time.

Think that I should apologize on my previous (deleted) post I made without thinking much, where I was not thinking well and angered when I written about it.

People would not think like this but I am actually a very dark minded. Every bad things did to me, I would remember for a very very long time, even if the case is solved or ignored. I could still remember the things someone did to me at school at the age of 14. The culprit is stupid enough to reveal himself when i try to borrow a dollar from him, he did not hear it clear and instead replied:" I did not throw away your bottle!" Heck with him!

Note to bloggers: If you got enraged by something, blogging is not the way to say what is in your heart's content. Keeping it in your heart may be a better way, since blf dlfow mvevi pmld dsl ziv gsv ivzwvih.

As conclusion, think what you should reveal in your blog and consider the consequences before you write.


Haney said...

Unless you want to be famous :D

Shiphire said...

Huh? what are you referring to?

Nux V said...

eh, wut happened? summore need to delete the entire post that u posted up previously?
mst be someting serious ;P

Alexis said...

oh well let people think what they wanna think about you. they think about me the same way, but i don't care a damn.