Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Which Nokia should I choose!

I may be getting a new phone. It depends whether I am going to score in my management paper.

Putting that aside, I have problems selecting a phone.
As the previous post said, I'm a Nokia phone user, currently there are 2 models in my mind, which I am having problem choosing between them.

N82 and N95 is my choice.

There are a lot of reviews being made by other users of both phones, which have both pro and cons.

The pros of N82 is it has super camera function, and fast loading time. But it disappoint me when I found out that it has no "pen" key, which I use a lot back when I still have my Nokia 3250. And it looks like metal, but it is plastic, which once again disappointed me. Man I really like metal, though there are reviews on symbian-freak stated that is is scratch resistant though..

The pros of N95 is that it has large screen, a better than normal camera. It has the pen key too. And the special music dedicated keys are kinda cool, and it would be nice iif I were to play games using it like a hand held. Can't choose the 8Gb version of it since that it would be too expensive I think. The cons is that it is a slide phone, and there are alot of reviews and videos about its slider getting problems. And they said that it feels like a cheap machine while holding it, since it is "clanky" caused by the gap between the part of the phone.

If between these to models, which one would you choose? Gimme some opinions!

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