Friday, December 4, 2009

Changed blog color template

I just changed my blog color template to a brighter one.
I used to think that a dark colored template would have a better effect as it does not strain the eyes as much as a bright colored template.

I have been hearing suggestions from people that I should use a brighter template.
Hence I retain the same template, but I altered the color codes to change those dark colors to a brighter ones.

Any comments on improvements or suggestions as to which colors I should use for any sections?

Edit: After receiving comments by Iocus Theoda, I decided to totally change my blog template, to a brighter one than the original color scheme, but still retaining part of the darkness. Thanks for the support Iocus Theoda!


Anonymous said...

Hi, found out about your blog from YouthSays. Cute avatar, by the way.

However, I think ( not necessarily important, but better than giving empty comments), maybe you should try a variety of blog layouts. You can find them on, Pyzam, or just find it at Google. You blog template is simple, but not eye-catching.

Also, try to rearrange your Adsense and widgets startegically. Prioritized widgets are top, while more recreational down.

Disclaimers and policy should be at the bottom, and nothing unimportant should be put there except disclaimers and license.

Happy Blogging! I'll be following you for updates.

Anonymous said...


You've changed your template again! And I like it a lot!>_<

Shiphire said...

Wow! I never thought that a person will visit my blog 2 times in a row!

Thanks for your advice, LoL!