Sunday, June 6, 2010

DDD Fansubs! Position confirmed!

I had just joined a team of fan subbers, subbing Infinity Challenge!

I am in charge in the timing of the subtitles and minor proofreading!

To everyone who likes Infinity Challenge!
Join our team and raise the productivity!

DDD Fansubs FTW!

Edit 2011/03/07:
I observed that there are a number of search for DDD fansub and the first link in Google leads here instead of the official DDD team forum, so I added in the URL to the official forum for conveniences.

Support us!


Augustine said...

Yo glad to hear a team subbing for IC. whats the link to DDD fansubs?

Shiphire said...

Currently there is not dedicated website for it, but there is a fan page about it. It contains information about subs and episodes. This forum is quite active in IC.