Monday, November 12, 2007

A #$%^ Experience From a #$%^ Restaurant - Part 1 / 2

One day parents bring me to a dinner, which is like a gathering for a tribe or some sort of thing, such as Hokkien gathering except it is not hokkien but other tribe.

At 1st sight on my table, all the plates and bowls contains some unknown firt substances all around on every plates and bowls. I wonder how the cleaner does their job.

Then later when they serve shark fin soup (it is stilled allowed in Malaysia if you're from some other country which restricts shark fin), the #$%^ waitress distributes the soup carelessly. Most of the shark fin had gone to the table, or sticking on the outer wall of the bowl, though most of them lies to the table clothes though. Then my father decided to distribute it himself while the waiter is still distributing. The waitress said:" 不行,等一下老板回会骂!。" My father then said:"你倒到满桌都是,我们跟他讲你也不是会被骂吗?"

To be continued...

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