Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Money blogging!

Greetings to all bloggers again! Once again there is another way to get money from the blog! Smorty is a blogging service, similar to payperpost. The system is that the advertiser pay for smorty, and smorty will divide the posts for registered users according to their blog level, similar to payperpost too. Bloggers could register for it through here.

After you registered, you could then register your blog for their approval, which takes quite a short time compared to other advertising sites. But their requirements for blog is quite high, like your blog must be indexed or you must have an appropriate google rank, which I failed to get, but for certain reason they approved my blog.

After approving you could almost immediately start to get paid for blogging if you have opportunities, which mostly immediately available for you. So go for it, it does not costs a cent to register to them!

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