Monday, November 5, 2007

Making money!!!

There are a number of ways you could gain money for your paypal account. One of the ways are using payperpost.

The way of using payperpost is that you must have a blog 3 months old, which I had just recently achieved it and after that I could just straight away to get their provided opportunity and post the advertisement. The higher the rank of your blog, the better post you could get. Due to the unupdated google page rank, I still got a N/A for my blog, hence the pay are little though.

Three months ago I was told by Adrianchoychoy on the campus that I could gain money using this kind of post, which motivates me to start blogging when I saw him gaining A LOT of money through the net from various ways, one of them is through payperpost though. LOVE money. But the way of posting is quite strict though, you must refer that the current post are sponsored or they will reject the post for the consumers’ sake.

Planning to use the money to get myself a Razer earphone and a Razer mouse, which both add up with the shipping fees costs USD100++. I need them because my current earphone is a Nokia headset.. The earphone is very bad if used for other things other than for phone, and my current mouse looks like crap and the colors faded away. Hope that the day of me 1st buying things online is near.

It all depends on you payperpost!

And some extra notes, though there will be chances that your posts will be denied, you would still got a chance to repair the post, and give them the requirements they need. And they will recheck it very fast.

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This post is sponsored.

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