Friday, November 16, 2007

A #$%^ Experience From a #$%^ Restaurant - Part 2 / 2

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A #$%^ Experience From a #$%^ Restaurant - Part 1 / 2

At the mean time, there are peoples which volunteer to sing on the stage, their singing were like.. #$%^!!!! Me and my brother kept backstabbing them all the time while they sing, giving them nicknames like.. Machinegun 婆, high-pitch 婆, lonely 阿伯, all sorts of things which could best describes them.

Not to mention that I am sitting at the path which peoples kept going in and out. It is also a route for waiter there to serve their food. Can't remember how many times they had pushed and knocked my chair. At that time I am getting more and more fury~~~ Can't the restaurant reject the deal if there are too much people? They didn't think too much bout it I guess, since they are not the ones which sit on that kinda place.

That's all I wanna share on this restaurant experience, there are more to say tough on other restaurants, but leave it to next time.

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