Friday, November 16, 2007

Nice shop hosting site on ashop.

Does anyone host a site, selling things off? This is a ecommerce software which could aid you to manage the items you are going or intend to sell. It is said to be set up easily and have free tech support. Its user friendly since no HTML knowledge are not required. You can customly place the looks of your site. You could alter themes, site wide settings of text and layout in the site.

There are available demo(s) available on the site:

Test drive on shopping carts

A short note here, the demo requires internet explorer, hence Firefox could not access to it.

One of it shows you how to customize the site on the view point of the site creator and the other one shows you the ways visitor can access it on the view point of the visitors.

There are 4 packs:

Starter ($60/month)

Best fitted for starters, minimum web space, band width and almost other is minimum compared to the other packs, but it comes with 10 trial day.

Advanced ($89/month), Professional ($179/month), Enterprise ($349/month)

All these packs are more expensive than started pack (of course!) , but all of them are similar, but as the package levels up, the web space and bandwidth increases exponentially.

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