Saturday, November 17, 2007

Guide for Gifts from galz to guys.

Christmas is closing in! Do the girls have any idea what they should get for their boyfriend or even their husbands?

The males’ minds are mystery to girls and vice versa towards the female’s mind to the males too though. But there is a solution for the girls, which guides what the girls could get for their male friends (sorry boys, no guides for you to the female, LoL).

As the girls know, most of the guys, given if they have their girlfriend, love their car seconded to their girlfriend. ^^|||. On gifts for guys you could get them something for them in the garage, which might make them happy, LoL. As a matter of fact, you(the married ones ^^) could get a cabinet or something if your garage is messy, getting them might do the job, though the guy may or may not utilize it, but it is better than letting the tools scatter all around and having problem when locating the tools.

Leaving the garage part alone, you could also get him some custom made accessories for the car, such as a toilet bowl plunger to replace the car gear shifter handle to make the situation more “lively”.

gifts for guys

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