Friday, April 24, 2009

Dell quality! @#$%!!

Its been months I had been feeling a jolt while i put my right elbow on the table touching the right corner of my laptop, and I felt a painful jolt..

Its been several times now, and I just got mad of it, wondering is it just my imagination or is there a flaw on the laptop.

Today, I was shocked once again, this time, I was at home, where several test pens were available. Used the 1st test pen, shown no sign of electric. Then I tried to put my elbow again, and got shocked again.. @#$%^

Decided to use a newer test pen, and this time, I've got positive result. The LED on the test pen light up in a faint orange light! This proves that the laptop is flawed.

I wonder could I sue them for poor quality control, and causing electrical injuries. Lets see what does the service reply on my email.

I also found that even when my DVD rom is closed, electric current could be detected too.

Figure 1. Test pen no touchy.

Figure 2. Test pen touchy.

Figure 3. Test pen touchy, DVD-rom closey.

After taking these photos, I found out that my exhaust also has an electric leakage! WTF is going on!!!

Figure 4. Test pen on freakin exhaust.

ONCE AGAIN!! After typing for this blog till the sentence above, I once again got shocked, this time its from the monitor!! This is getting SHIT!

Figure 5. Test pen on... FREAKIN MONITOR!! @#$%^ DELL 1520!!!

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take ur laptop to go shock the ppl at dell!