Thursday, March 19, 2009

(µr$3Ð 1901

Today is the 19th of the month.
1901 is having a promotion, selling cheap hot dogs today.
Went to queue up for more than an hour.
Just before my turn, the stock has been finished.

I wonder is it my luck, it is a bad choice to send me to do this kinda things when it involves luck, as I have none. Didn't seems to have "lucky" things happening in my life though.

I got irritated when I found out that there are no more hot dogs for sale. I then rallied up some people, and drove straight to Mc Donalds.

Never falter to cheap promotions which saves you only about MYR2 (Less than 1 pound or 1 USD) when it involves waiting in line for more than an hour. I rather have my dignity.

1 thing I can't understand is that they did not set up a limit for a person to buy.
People in front of the line are buying in 20s. |=|_|(|<1|\|6 1901 peoples doesn't know to set up a limit.

Lesson: Choose dignity over cheap promotions.

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