Sunday, September 13, 2009


In my life there are so much events which I had encountered. But this kind of event is the first.

Day 1:

1800 hours - I planned a DOTA session at 0700 hours with 3 other people at 6p.m. They all agreed initially.

2200 hours - Received sms from 2 person, saying that they have things coming up, hence unable to join us. I sms to notice the last person that those 2 people has backed out from the plan, but the plan still goes on.

Day 2:

0000 hours - Slept now.

0600 hours - Woke up early to avoid traffic congestion and parking congestion.

0700 hours - Reached the destination.

0830 hours - Received sms from the last guy which I am waiting, saying that he slept late. And he doesn't seem bothered by it.

0900 hours - Due to low morality and lack of sleep, headache surfaced and mood is greatly disrupted. The late comer which seemingly joking on his sms with the "hahahaha" saw my face and got angry.

1100 hours - I HAVE to say that I am WRONG to show that face to him.

Lesson learned. Never plan any events, especially with peoples who you shouldn't trust on their timing and their words.

Imagine that I am having a birthday party in a buffet restaurant coming up next month.
(Imagination starts)
After paid for reservation and costs.

Calls coming in:
"I got plans that I forgot, Can't attend! Bye!"
"I have report /assignments due!"
"I forgot the date!"
"I have a date with Him!"

The worse possible excuse I am imagining is:

People might find this funny, but when you are the one exposed to this event, you won't.

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