Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nike Warehouse + Youthsays = "@#$%" ?

Been at the Nike Warehouse at 30th April, according to Youthsays, members are allowed to enter at 9.00a.m. or 9.30a.m., though they never did what they promised, not to mention me and my friends arrived half an hour earlier. We stood there like fools for 1 and a half hours, searching for shade under the hot climate, not to mention those heat waves these days.

Here I am going to say:" NICE JOB! YOUTHSAYS MANAGER!"

To hell with that.Figure 1. A chair on the gate, signaling that there are people inside doing their job but taking their own sweet time.

Figure 2. Well, it seems that they are prepared, once again taking their own sweet time briefing at the last minute.

Figure 3. Stressed by stander.

Figure 4. People waiting at 9.18 a.m., 18 minutes late after the promised special opening time.

Figure 5. Stressed blogger taking photo.

Figure 6. Warehouse finally opened, but there are not much choice here, even the store downstairs which sells several brands sell nicer Nike compared to this warehouse sales.

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