Saturday, December 15, 2007

My aim.. and some Craps, LoL

Does you guys have any aim in this holiday?
I do have some. My aim in this holiday is to finish the summer course, and try to divert my attention to gaming shit to reading hell, LoL.

Been reading the Da Vinci Code for quite some time. I would recommend it to you guys, since it contains some more information which are not included in the movie.

I also bought a Starcraft achieve. It contains 4 stories about starcraft.

The funny thing in the prologue it how the cheat code "operation CWAL" originated, LoL.
The president said that before the game is released, the gamers could not wait any longer, therefore they established a group and give pressure to Blizzard, operation [C]an't [W]ait [A]ny [L]onger. LoL.

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