Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Genting during 4/12/07

I reached Genting Highland at around 8pm. Before reaching there has been a drizzle, resulting this kinda scene. I love this kinda scene, cool, hazy and breezy.

Looks kinda nice though, and the wind there is quite strong at that moment. And it is very cold~~~

But has anyone wondered how Genting get so big?
Most of the funds are "donated" by the gamblers came here though, good thing that I'm not one of them.

Actually, I've heard this word for quite some time ago. Which is:
Gen-ting High-Land

Pretty LoL rite?

And I remember once that I've gone to China tour, the Feng Shui guy of China in the large gallery said that Genting actually have a large feng shui charm for themselves, which makes them win lots of "donated" funds from the gamblers.
Dunno its true or not though.

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