Sunday, December 30, 2007

A @#$% computer day..

Yesterday night at 11pm, my younger brother decided to off the modem to let it rest for some time before starting it again so that the online game will not be laggy. But after restarting them modem does not work, and the DNS does not even flicker.

After trying for almost half an hour, I gave up and convinced that maybe tomorrow (it means today) morning it will be okay.

- Next Day -

Okay, the modem work fine and nice, so then I do my own things for a while.
Later my brother, while playing his game on another computer, it hang and he decided to shut off the power and restart it. But then the window does not boot up, and hence he once again search for my help. After looking around and touching everywhere inside them computer, i tried to start it, and it failed. Later only I find out that the computer's boot.ini file is corrupted of so due to the @#$ hang.

I then tried using the windoes xp cd but the @#$ pc just does not boot the disks. Then I created a boot disk, once again it ignores it.

Later then I plugged out the hard drive to link to my other pc and I replaced the file, then finally the computer come back to life.

While I thought that it was finally over the internet connection of that computer failed me, while other computers are doing fine. Once again I am having a problem. Later then I discovered that the device manager does not detect a network adapter, then I off the computer and try poking the adapter a few times and miraculously the connection came to life..

What a @#$ day, and I haven't done my management homework nor do any revision for it. And the class is at monday...

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