Thursday, January 28, 2010

Razer Moray PAX09 edition review!

This is the review of Razer Moray + PAX09 edition I bought from Razer online store. This package arrived the doorstep as a totally crumbled envelope. As I look at the package, I though that the box of this earphones would be so too, and could not be collected and displayed.

Did not thought that they actually use bubble wraps to protect the parcel, and the wrap is thick. Took me
quite some time to figure out a way to remove the bubble wrap without tearing it apart violently.

Well.. This is the package of Razer Moray + PAX09 edition! One month ago this product could be odered online, now it is not available anymore. Guess that the stock has ended. Green and Black casing, the typical Razer theme colors. The PAX09 on the top left side is just a sticker slapped onto it.

This is the package, consisting of the casing, PAX09 earphones, stickers, quick start guide, certificate of authenticity, and PAX09 earphone pouch with compartments for psp adapter, DS adapters, and PC adapters.

The 1st thing I tried to do is to use it in my computer. The sound is distorted and screeching, until I figured out that the PC adapter is required for normal use of the earphones, meaning that you have to carry the PC adapter everywhere if you want to use it normally on a mp3 player or walkman.I had also tried this earphone on my psp 2000. It works well, and the sound effect are nice and clear. This seal on the earphone filtered out almost everything in the background, allowing you to only hear the sound in the earphones. So it is recommended for only indoor use as it filters out outdoor danger elements, which could be dangerous.

This set of earphones also have a built in microphone situated below the right side of the earphone. It is way better when compared to Dell built in microphone on Inspiron 1520. The sound quality is much clearer. This allows better chatting during games or during skype/msn conferences.

Overall, after 1 month of usage, this product is a satisfying purchase and I would recommend to any gamers with budget limits as it provides good sound quality and a built in microphone.

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