Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Laptop charged and ready!

Last week the battery of this laptop was... How should I say.. toasted is not the term here, I would say it is retarded, lol. It note that it was near its end of life span, the problem here is that the battery was purchased not even for over a year and it is giving me this type of message.

Utilized the Dell chat to identify the issue, where they promised for a replacement. At the same time, I told them to replace some other damaged part of the laptop which are covered by the Dell complete cover warranty system. Its a sweet system which would warranty all the components of the computer including the cover of the laptop itself, provided if the damaged was accidental.

A technician was sent over and replaced battery and several part of the cover of my laptop.

Dell seems to have a better service this day, and the chat with technician is very useful since if you use email, they will have a longer delay before you could get their reply.

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