Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eat outside = Stress increase?

I wonder is this my luck or not, most of the time when I dine in a restaurant, there will be kids running around/staring at you while you eat/making lots of loud, annoying comments/ or just plain crying.

Every time this happens, I would always ask my brother:" do you have a sniper? Felt like shooting them.." LoL~

The venue does not affect the rate of encountering of these... I would term the event as: "stress increasing events (SiE)".
There are times where I went to a five star hotel to dine, where each person needs to pay about MYR90++. The SIE rate does not decline, and there are still annoying kids around. Here are a list of SiE yesterday on a 5 star hotel buffet:

1. Kids running around.
2. Kids using information card (those who they put in front of the food to inform what food they are) and tried to use it to scoop raw prawns (there are raw stuffs because its BBQ style for now).
3. Babies crying.
4. Kids playing with the chocolate machine (where you use it for dipping marsh mellows)
5. Kids not looking when they are walking.

There concludes my report on SiE, LoL~

The picture below expresses my fury.


Nux V said...

hey, i guess u were once a 'kid' running around just that u hav grown up and less hyperactive now...wuakaka

Shiphire said...

Can't deny that.. Heh~