Thursday, September 27, 2007

Story, unknown source though..

There was once people told me this story..

One day, the body parts were arguing which one of them are superior. The brain, the mouth, hand, legs and the anus were arguing.
Brain: I control every part of the body, ofcoz I am the superior one!
Mouth: If people does not eat with me, they'll die!
Hand: If I don't pick up the food, you are no use!
Legs: If i don't walk to the food, You're useless too!
Anus: I am the superior one! And you don't wanna mess with me!

All other parts other than anus laughed, stating that it is useless.

The anus decided to shut up for a whole week.
Then all the other body parts gave up.

So the anus is the superior one on all living beings.

The reason anus win is that the person cannot shit for a whole week and is greatly suffering, lol.

The lesson of this story is...
Every part has its uses, even if it does not standing out too much.

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