Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Submission 1

This is my 1st submission of my work on my blog~

It's free to use, but better leave an acknowledgment on the comment part before using it for other purpose~

Comment on this picture though, whether its bad or anything.

At 1st I intended to post up a web comic, but after trying to draw,i found that it's kinda hard, although I've got a bunch of ideas of funny shitty things.
So there may not be any comics in the near future~


*LiNa* said...

i like it lots.. i am not pro when it comes to this kind of things, but i thinks it nice..

erm.. i wonder, whether can u draw me ? hehe.. ?

L3G3nD said...

lol somehow he reminded me of CLAMP's work - Syaoran. Anyway, it's nothing much.

Just keep the work up, I'm looking forward for your comic/manga.

Shiphire said...

My skill is just noob skills, drawing based on real ppl may be hard.