Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shiphire's Tips to ISOLATE bad things from your pc!

There are some trustworthy softwares that could be good use for 'onliners'.

One of the anti adware programs i used is spybot-Search & Destroy.
The tea timer software bundled with it is a very good anti adware, since it monitors your system all time long.

When there is some changes to your system, for example you changed your system startup or something, they will pop up a window, asking you whether it's your decision or is it made without your knowledge.

If it's not your decision or you suspect it's something nasty(such as adwares) you can choose to reject it at the time or you can reject them for life by blacklisting it.

The url below links to the website to download spybot S&D. Its FREE!(at least i think)

*Note - They doesn't pay me to advertise their products. Any comments done is based on the tester's (in this case, me) thinking, which may be distorted!!!

1 comment:

L3G3nD said...

lol i had been using the software for some times until i get frustrated wif such whole-loadz of frigging adwares, viruses etc.

can't you believe my com can survive for > half year without a single anti virus program and frequent browsing of webs? HAHA.

actually sometime if you're careful enough you won't get a hand on those viruses, I assume.