Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Collector's Edition

I bought my Final Fantasy XIV Collector Edition for PC from and it arrives today afternoon.

Here are some photos of the contents included in the package.

The box of FF XIV with an illustration, strangely familiar, could be related to some FF character in the past but I am not sure of it.

The side of the box, stating the contents included in the package, including a map of Eorzea, a flask, and a security token.

Things included in the package, including the game itself, a notebook with various illustration of beast and characters in it, the flask inside the white box, a security token, and the map of Eorzea.

The flask with a leather handle with "Final Fantasy XIV" embedded on it. Note that the cover of the flask pops right out instead of twisting it open.

The map of Eorzea imprinted on a piece of cloth. Hardcore FF fans might pin them up on their wall beside their PC, but I could not bear to damage the cloth by pinning it and kept it in the box.

Currently FF XIV still uses p2p for game updates, which is unsuitable for some people living on campus or with restricted p2p access. But I found a good website hosting the updates required for the game with direct download in tehkrizz.

Collector edition buyers will also receive an onion helm which reduces the time of sickness induced when KOed. Allowing players to resume their intensive journey after 1.30 minute instead of 5 minutes.

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