Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pagerank 2!!!

I changed my blog URL several months ago, and that causes my pagerank to plummet as the URL is new.

After I neglected my blog for 3 months, it appears that the pagerank had updated and now I have a pagerank of 2. This could be the source of motivation I need to continue my blog.

I am going to have my IELTS test next week Thursday and Saturday.

Seems like some universities need IELTS for their courses.

RMIT flatly rejected my application.
La Trobe has yet to reply the situation.
QUT only has a February intake, which I does not prefer.
Lastly is Swinburne. This university is the first to reply and they had given me an offer to Masters of Biotechnology. This university would be my last choice.

Hope that La Trobe would reply me soon with a positive feedback.
I should just pray to everything till then!


imelda said...

good for u sis my two sites plummeted huhuhu

Shiphire said...

Can't believe that you called me "sis"!
I'm a dude!