Monday, June 30, 2008

Bad stuffs haunting

A week before exam ends, I lost track of my 2Gb thumb drive, and now I still could not find it. If it was taken by other people, I would presume that most probably the person is a @#$% since I have details written on a pen drive, even my blog address was written in permanent marker on it!

Hope that it wasn't taken but still lying around in my room.

The other thing is that the exam is haunting me now. Everytime after exam, I would be haunted by single digit dreams, until the results is out, this semester I have quite a nice internal, but the dreams does not stop, and kept on haunting me as usual. Damn it! I need lucky charms! Now is the time I would use attraction theory from "Secret"... Thinking to my self: I believe I will pass the test with 劲 colors!!

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